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Life becomes easier with the help of technology. Technology is introducing us to updated things every day. Once upon a time if we need to read books, we need to go to the market to buy specific books from offline markets. Then people made it easy by creating online shops, They can order books and within a day he can get them delivered to his home. Then after a certain time, we got e-books, which means a soft copy of a book that can be downloaded and read using an e-book reader.

In recent times amazon introduced us to kindle, the world’s best e-book reading device which is filled up with lots of amazing features to give you a better experience of reading books. They also have Kindle software for PC which can give you the same experience as Kindle on your Computer. Now, we got Kindle Cloud Reader. We can say it’s the web version of Kindle. You can read your books by login into your Kindle cloud account from anywhere and from any device you want. You just need a device and an internet connection on that.

What is Kindle Cloud Reader?

Kindle cloud reader is a web version of Kindle. There is no need to carry your Kindle or computer with you anymore. You can log in to the Kindle Cloud reader from anywhere using any computer to read books. You may be thinking about functions that you have in your kindle? No worries, you will have the same features in it as Kindle.

You need to go and log in with your Amazon account. After successful login, you can see your book library. Just click on the book you want to read to get started.

Why use Kindle Cloud Reader?

In earlier people need to buy Amazon’s Kindle to read e-books. People always thought that they need to buy books and Kindle also to read those e-books. And carry Kindle everywhere is also a problem. To get rid of this problem Amazon launched Kindle Cloud Reader which allows you to read your Kindle books from any device. Just need to log in to Cloud Reader with your Amazon account to read your books.

Key Features of Kindle Cloud Reader

Online Reading:

Kindle Cloud Reader makes your browser an e-book reader and allows you to read books online. You just need a device, a strong internet connection to start reading your books. Just visit the official website of Kindle cloud and then sign in with your Amazon account to read books online. You may now have a question in your mind that where amazon saves my books? The books are saved on the Kindle cloud server.

Management of Library:

Management of the library is very easy. You can sort your books in three orders as the like PC version and the Kindle version. You can sort your books by author, name, or recent. Books are displayed on the home page. You can show them in two ways, One is the List and another is the Grid view. Always keep in mind that you have 50MB of space on a cloud server, so you can delete books from the cloud which you already read. To delete a book right-click or long-press on that to get the remove option. You are deleting books from the cloud but you can again download them if you want.

Customization of E-books:

You can customize your e-book. If you want you can adjust color, fons, can take screenshots, can make highlights.

Sync with your Kindle:

Sync Kindle from cloud reader is an amazing feature. If you enable sync then you will get all the data and progress you have on your kindle. It will help you to know all the progress of reading books.

Well Optimized for iPad:

Kindle Cloud Reader is especially well optimized for iPad. You will get an interface of the Kindle app in iPad view.

How to read Kindle Books with Kindle Cloud Reader?

Reading books by using Kindle Cloud Reader is very much easy. Please follow the guideline given below to set up you Kindle Cloud Reader properly.

Step 1: First of all if you don’t have an amazon account then you need to go to to create an amazon account. On the top right corner, you can see the login option. If you click on that you can see the “Create an account” button. Click on that and insert the necessary documents that Amazon wants from you. After filling up the form click on the “Create your Amazon account” button. A confirmation email will be sent to your email. Verify that mail to confirm your account. You can see the image given below to take help.

Step 2: If you are ready with an amazon account now you need to visit the official site of Kindle Cloud Reader: You can see a login interface. Insert your Amazon username and password here to log in to Cloud Reader.

Kindle Cloud Reader sign in page

Step 3: After the successful login process you can now see the home interface of Kindle Cloud. Your book list will be on the left side. Just click on your book and enjoy reading.

Kindle Cloud Reader home page interface

Kindle Books Offline Reading

What use is an eBook you can’t read anywhere? If you use a Kindle device or one of the mobile apps, you can download your ebooks to local storage and read them whether you have an internet connection or not.

The good news is that Amazon has thought of this. The Kindle Cloud Reader app has two main buttons in the library: “Cloud” and “Downloaded”.

The first time you click on “Downloaded”, you’ll be prompted to enable downloading.

Once you’ve enabled it for your browser, you’ll have access to your books anywhere, with or without the internet!

Kindle Cloud Reader Pros and Cons


  • For people who use the Apple iPad, Kindle cloud reader is an amazing thing them, now there is no need to use the Kindle app for iPad, they can use kindle cloud reader using safari browser on their iPad.
  • Amazon taking the help of HTML5 technology to reach every device. Using this technology they already made their cloud reader available on almost all devices. So, people do not need to have laptops or computers, if they only have a smartphone they are able to use Kindle Cloud Reader.
  • If we look through the cost of books we can see that using cloud reader saves lots of money instead of using hard copies of books. Hard copies are also taken space on your table. Here you can read thousands of books in the cloud but is it possible to keep thousand of books in your room?
  • The dynamic search option can easily search the exact book which you want to read. You can search a book in three ways, Author name, Title, and genre.
  • People love sharing their favourite things. If you want any book to share with your friend then you can easily do it using Cloud reader.


  • You cannot use it in offline mode.
  • Need stable internet connection


1. How to read books in a kindle cloud reader?

Answer: First of all you need to have an amazon account. Then you need to purchase books and need to send them to your amazon account. After that when you will go to the official website: you have to log in with your Amazon username and password. After successful login, you can see your purchased books inside it. Just click on the ook you want to read.

2. Do amazon charge credits for using Kindle Cloud Reader?

Answer: Kindle Cloud Reader is a web-based platform to read books. You can visit there by using any web browser from your device. It is totally free to use and read books on this platform.

3. Is it possible to upload my books on Kindle Cloud?

Answer: Yes you can but you must need to use the option “Send to Kindle” If only you send a book using this option then your books will be saved to Kindle Cloud Reader.

4. Is it possible to read books in Kindle Cloud Reader without an internet connection?

Answer: First of all we need to log in to Kindle Cloud Reader. For that, we need to visit its official website. Without an internet connection, we cannot visit any website. So we need an internet connection to enter into the cloud.

5. Can I download books to my computer from Kindle Cloud Reader?

Answer: From Kindle cloud select the book you want to download. After selecting click on the download and transfer option. After that, you have to select which device you want to transfer. After that, the download will start and you will find the file in your download folder. Now connect your Kindle to your pc by USB cable and transfer the book to your kindle. This is how you can download and transfer books.

Final Words

By reading books you can gain knowledge. Nobody can say that they wasted their time by reading books. Books are called people’s best friends. Kindle Cloud Reade took reading books to the next level. You can now read books from anywhere with any device by using amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader which is totally free of any costs. The amazing thing is you can share your favorite books with your friends. Even you can transfer your books to your kindle also. Enjoy all the awesome features to get the next-level experience of reading books.

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    I have a chromebook – and know its limitations – but Kindle is starting to catch up. However, I cannot download a book – in the sense of downloading it to my computer. Let’s face it – I did buy it – so surely it is mine!


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